This isn't some sissy *** job anymore. When I started on it, I thought it would be easy, just hit run, do CMD.EXE, do some tricks, done. But no.

Let me explain what I am trying to do. My school is currently running on a system called Citrix (some sort of proxy thing), and the internet is protected by something called websense.

What i'm trying to do is manage to open the command prompt, run a quick program, and create a new admin account on the system. However all the possible methods of getting into command prompt seem to be blocked by the administrator. Heres a quick list of what i've attempted:

(PS. in the start menu all I can access is all programs. That means no RUN.)

-doing the trick
-doing the CMD.EXE trick
-digging around trying to find a secret way to get to RUN
-rummaging through almost all the files available to me to look for some clue

Also, I have found a little program called Access in the system. Now although almost everything there is blocked just like everything else, I can search for C:/ and come up with everyones (except some system shit) files. Just stuff they have saved through other programs, so its pretty much just thousands of documents.

So I ask of you, what can I do to get command prompt up and running?

if you have any questions I am happy to answer them. And i can acess this system from my home computor btw, and I am willing to give you a account you can get on. Its not mine, its my friends, but really, whose gonna care.

also, any ways to crack this websense shit that blocks the internet on the system, or just work around it, I would appreciate it. (and proxy bypassers are out, and anything like them as well, so don't even try to suggest them).

thanks for your help
-Grant McChesney