Hi my name is Resh.....i am seriously desperate for some help in C++ can any body help me. This is due on Thursday 10th May 2007 and this is my last resort because i can't get this out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!


In preparation a C++ source file, a programmer has written the assignment statement in long-hand form as shown below:

a = a + 12;

rather than in its short-hand form shown here:


This also applies to other operations such as -,*,/ and %.

Develop a class which reads the source file and provides the necessary operations for replacing the assignment statements as listed below:

a = a + …...; by a+=……;
a = a - ……; by a-=….….;
a = a * ……; by a*=….…;
a = a / …….; by a/=……..;
a = a%…….; by a%=……;

In the above example, the variable ‘a’ is chosen for the purpose of illustration and ‘…’ indicates the rest of the expression that is not of interest to us. For example, in a typical program expressions may appear as:

volt = volt + value*sqrt(root);
fraction = fraction / total;

Write the necessary C++ program to carry out the required transformations.


Extend the class developed in Section A so that:

a) If the message “all” is sent to the object, all assignments are converted to their short form as described in Section A.
b) An assignment of the form t = t + 1
is reduced to its post fixed form t++
c) Explore how the polymorphism feature of C++ could be exploited in this class