ok well... my girlfriend is going to collage for video game development. (looks like an ok course) but there is one thing really standing in her way. see is missing one thing for here applecation. she needs to incorperate art into a program, to prove that she posesses both computer skills and artistic skills. well, my girl friend is no staranger to the computer but when it comes to programing she is kinda, well she got to about
#incule <. ..
and thats it. i know she could learn but she really has no disiare too. she will have to learn in collage but she will only be tought a minamal amount. she wants to be a consept artist, or a textural disian artest... or somthing so she really does not care about by beloved art of programming. although i think knowing some programing would help her in the cereer path simply for having it on a resume. why hire a artist, when yo can hire and artist that can code. anyway enough about my life.
she came to me asking if i could make a program that she could put her art into to. i will teach her the programing behind it and make her code at least some of it, so you dont cheat people will leave me alone. but the program she wants to make looks fairly straght forward, but there are some things about it that i just dont know how to do. well i guess i could start by telling you what this program is that she requested. ...she wants me to make a dating sim...sigh... and of coaure she wants to keep it a clean one, not an H game. i know i can handle all the inner workings like point systems and things like that but what i dont know is how to put graphic into the damn thing. i am sure that most of you know what a dating sim is and if you dont all the graphics really constist of is a non moving 2d background image, a 2d non moving person in the forground and the little chat bar at the bottom. i dont think this to be too extremely diffecult but i really have no clue when it comes to graphics. so please if some one has a tut or knows where one is or some examples like a code of a program that uses graphic would be great.

thanks locksmith.

--also, anyone notice that about 80% of my post start with "well ok"... hmmmm...