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I qot one question now its not just you but am i the only one ever seeing this. Almost every site that has to be involved with hacking you allways see I think so n so is cheating on me can u help me hack his myspace to see what hes up to.

First of all if you think hes / shes cheating on you then you need to confront them in a mature manner. You being sneaky and accessing his private information without his knowledge and him / she finding out about it you can get in trouble for it.

i dunno if its just me or not
I agree that this is not the right approach. I'm sorry if this is totally wrong, but this person could be some 12 year old kid in his basement trying to hack into someones whatever account. I mean, ok if this whole scenario is legit, I really don't think you should try to access his private data, and if you've come down to trying this - hacking - I really don't think this is the person for you. Apparently everyone thinks that hackers are you know stupid, but we're not going to fall for every sad relationship story people throw at us. If this claim is legit or not I don't think this is a good idea.
Sorry for putting this so harshly, but this is how I feel