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So you guys steal email accounts and hack servers and do all that shit, but I should grow up?

OK, gotta love how a bunch of ******* hackers are going to get all "ethical" now. I'm sorry, did I interrupt your WoW session? Did I break up a L33t conversation? Give me a ******* break. Thanks for nothing, you ******* douchebags.
No one bothers about you , if you are negitive.

If Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds thinking like you then you will never see the worlds best opearting system Linux and database mysql and google etc.,

Why dont you be one of them, Just share the knowledge the people will remember you.

So, Start the new one if you really interested just start the new forum at forexample

go and register forumup.com for free start your self one and show to them.

show us also

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