So you guys steal email accounts and hack servers and do all that shit, but I should grow up?

OK, gotta love how a bunch of ******* hackers are going to get all "ethical" now. I'm sorry, did I interrupt your WoW session? Did I break up a L33t conversation? Give me a ******* break. Thanks for nothing, you ******* douchebags.
Hey man It seems that you are very sad for what happend with you,

But now what ever we said, you are not thinking in positive manner.

Grow up and create the new forum and show them your power, that what happens when you through the usefull person. See the examples i.e Big corporation is not built from own, some one worked for the Big company when they thrown the people outside they come outside and build the worlds best.

I have a very good info for you please read that dont loose your patients on others my dear. I can understand your feelings.

Medicine for Happy Life.

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After this when you are cool study the PHP story and CEO at the age of 17. Sure you will get the inspiration and never look back.