i need someone that will know how to compile the following project on windows 7 64 bit:


1) - Building On Windows -


- CMake >2.6
- Visual C++ 2005
- Microsoft Platform SDK
- gnu bison >=2.4 and flex 2.5.35
- Doxygen (to generate API documentation if desired)

To Build:

- Set DXC_HOME environment variable to desired installation directory
- Switch to top-level source directory and type 'cmake .'
(add flag -DRUN_DOXYGEN=true to generate API documentation)
- Open generated visual studio solution file (eg. DXC.sln)
- Build 'INSTALL' project ("Release" configuration is needed by
Oracle binary, additional "Debug" build is optional)
- Add %DXC_HOME%\Bin to %PATH%

Common problems:
- If cmake or VC++ complain about missing libraries or headers, make
sure VC++ is configured to look in [MS Platform SDK dir]/Lib and
/Include respectively (Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->
VC++ Directories)
- If bison and flex are not found by cmake, make sure the directory that
contains them is in your %PATH% environment variable.

i am willing to pay using paypal for a how to guide for compiling on windows 7 64 bit.