Thanks shabbir, but that does not work for me (just tried it).

My reply is in another text file, attached, as your spam check is too good. This is a coding forum, and I have no way to put url examples... i wish i knew what was triggering it...

The key is that I need subdomain (not w w w) * domain * com slash parameters

to forward to

subdomain (not w w w) * NEWdomain * com slash parameters

BUT: note that I only want that specific subdomain to forward. I do not want the w w w * olddomain to forward, just that subdomain.


PS: For what its worth, I tried your code exactly, just exchanging my real domain names with "old-domain" and "new-domain" and got no results. I expected with the (www\) I would've redirected everything, but it is not. At least my browswer addressbar does not change to the new domain.
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