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i could try,just write me in private or write me at w3b_st4lk3r(at)yahoo(dot)com
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w3b_st4lk3r@yahoo.com ?? this is your mail? so but frend i dont have money for it...
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Originally Posted by dream_master View Post
Does anyone here know how to send a keylogger program to a hotmail account and make it install automaticall in the background and keylog and email me everything that has been logged? I can't even get past the first stage, emailing through hotmail fire wal. Always seems to detect the keylogger program. Can anyone help?
heyy that really sounds funny
but not impossible, that something like doing the hard way round
the proces is simple:

1) Get the key logger and bind it to an innocent file
2) Get on to a fake mailer and end a nice peace of mail like from someone the target is familiar with saying this file is a nice pic of him
3) Then the rest is AUTOMATIC
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I can I also be helped getting an password for a yahoo account. I once had but it was recently changed. Caught the old lady up n lies n i believe its more for me to view
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If you want to hack facebook, yahoo, msn, gmail etc., I can do it for you..

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The best ways to hack your sister's acc :-

1. keyloger
2. Phishing
3. Social Engineering

The best and the most reliable one is keylogger and other 2 are very time consuming and Brain Eating...

But surely u'll learn something from the 2,3 methods ....
have a look here : http://www.metasploit.com/ if you agree with me....
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hey itz ur sis after all
do social engineering, you could simply find the SECRET ANSWARE
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@ManzZup ....LOL....Right!!!!!
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I need help pls and i am new here how to find out hotmail and gmx password, can u pls help me