I'm quite new to the programming world, and I have a couple of questions. Here is what I was planning on doing:

I play a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) which has its own market. There is a mall, where each player can have his/her own store if they choose. There is a search function that lets you search the entire mall for the item you wish to buy. Sometimes, people might accidentally type the wrong price in or just feel like selling an item at a huge discount. I was hoping to make a bot that automatically searches the mall for certain items, and if it finds an item below a certain price, then it buys them. What language would be best for this type of thing, I was thinking java, but when i tried to get the environment up and running, couldn't. Also, where is a good place to find help and tutorials on the type of things I will have to program? Thanks in advance.