I am currently using a program called Speedy Schedule that allows us to book and keep track of patients in the office. Currently, the form requires the patients full SSN, we want it to only require the last 4 digits of the SSN and then be able to provide a list of patients that match those digits when doing a search. I would need to know what the correct syntax for that code might be. Currently our coding is as follows: Private Sub txtSSN_LostFocus() X = Right(txtSSN.Text, 5) v = Left(X, 1) If v "-" Then Dim sTemp As String sTemp = "" sStrIn = txtSSN.Text sStrIn = sStrIn & String$(9, "0") If sStrIn String$(9, "0") Then sStrIn = Left$(sStrIn, 9) sTemp = Left$(sStrIn, 3) & "-" & Mid$(sStrIn, 4, 2) & "-" & Right$(sStrIn, 4) End If txtSSN.Text = sTemp End If End Sub Please Help!!!!!!