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To view your total physical and kernel memory:
Right click Status Bar->Task Manager->Performance.
To view your virtual memory settings:
Open Control Panel->Advanced->Performance->Advanced->Virtual Memory

Increase/Decrease your page file sizes and benchmark them to find out differences, if any. If results satisfy you, it's done or else you can give a try with putting another stick of 256 MB.
Hope that will work.

you can find all that infomation in your task manager / performace (ctrl Alt Del ). adding more ram is best option for performance i would rekomend 512 mg mim for win xp. u can buy a stick of ddr pc3200 512 mg for $55 AUD or something like $42 us. i dont know the speed of your current ram but if is pc2700 ( 333 mhz ) then the pc3200 ( 400 mhz ) will slow to that speed as all ram is as fast as the slowest stick. you can download CPU-z google it and it will show u what type of ram u have and how many more slots u have on ur mobo