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OK so i want to hack into a computer and use remote desktop and stuff. To do this i know i need a trojan can anyone recomend a good one and easy to use..

I know that i have to send the server files to the victims computer but thats the easy part for my friend isnt the brightest bulb going..

Also if anyone has anymore information to help me with this it wouldn't go a miss

PS is their a way to make the trojan undetectable on the Av if so do tell
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sssccrrrriiippppt kiiidddiiiieee

I'm sorry but you may as well ask someone 'How do I hack?" nobody will help you, they will all point and laugh

and this is not 'ethical' hacking
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google learn it
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above posts will make u realise what ur about to attempt:

still for ur info:
2. Google for my hexing video "make trojans undetectable indiansw0rd" that will show u the video which i have uploaded on youtube to make trojans undetectable.

PS:- u might want to consider that when you are installing prorat client in your computer, you are infecting your computer as well. At the same time, there is a possibility that the trojan is already appended with a keylogger if downloaded from unreliable source.

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