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hey guys, I like the subject here, I personally had some problems with this stuff

so I done some time looking for a path and I found one!

ok what you do is get the number of course (must get it as string for best results) then with an if statement check if it's lower then zero,
if it is you start a new array string, and with a for loop you will do this
list_num[i] = num;
num.Remove(0, 1);

that way you will have the array having all the numbers for you, then with a while loop you can check wether the number are increasing or not, you can also switch some number's positions or remove any index or even replace a single number with a high number like 1000 :P

anyway I hope I helped you enough, sorry that I didn't just post the code but it's better to use logic so the reader gets better view of what will happen and why, if you can't get it don't hasitate to reply, I will post code then!
Hi ClayC,
I think my code does the job okay, though it had a mistake that I fixed (= instead of a == near the end).

About the array idea, we aren't allowed to use arrays yet, since we haven't studied them in the course yet (this is the first exercise).