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The best way is take ur laptop to a good service personnel, and ask him to reset ur BIOS. then boot with any OS and wipe off all the things in ur harddrive . I hope it will cost less than $100.
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I don't know much about Deep Freeze; only came across it as a result of another thread on this forum which prompted a spot of Googling. I understand ThawSpace is somewhere you can put stuff that will not be reset on boot, but any software installed would have to be installed completely on the thawspace with nothing added to the main drive, not to the registry or anything, which will rule out most programs that use the standard installation method of messing with at least 200,000 different parts of the hard disk. But as I understand it you can use a frozen program to create a file that you then keep on the thawspace. You'd have to RTF Deep Freeze M for more details on what you can do.