ok well, i was givin a free gateway computer, used but free. he gave it to me because it was slow and he got a new one. so i brought it home and it was indeed vary slow. so i opened her up and pulled out like half a pound of dog hair... nice. well then i put her all back together and blanked it then put xp back on it. the computer worked fin before and it had xp on it. when i put the new xp on the resolution was, well pink and pixely. the resolution it appers is stuck at the lowest. i thought maybe a driver was at fault, so i looked found what i thought to be one that would work. so i through her on there and i got a message. "xp done not need a driver for a plug and play monitor. so i am at a total loss. and i am sorry that i can not provide any further info on the computer at the moment for it is at my fathers. but if you need more info just tell me what you need and i will get back to you with it. thanks.