I have a hp mini 210t-1000 (vw996av) and windows xp took a dump. I could not find and download a version of the system recovery to try the usb method and there was none recovery partition on the hard drive. I have an external usb DVD drive so i order the 2 recovery DVDs for the windows xp sp3 version with the gps enabled. I have received two copy's in the mail now and nether of them worked. It failed to find the second dvd and is stuck in a loop asking for it. I think that the DVD restore copy of win xp sp3 with gps disk have a faulty programing on them and it never looks for the 2nd disk, just stuck in a press any key to start disk 2. The laptop is fine and run Ubuntu and windows 7 fine. I cant install winxp OEM copy because there is no bios setting to turn off the native SATA hard drive support option and hp provides no drivers to xp can find the sata hard drive to install.

If anyone else has had this problem let me know cause the guys at hp barely speak English and are dummer then a stump.

Hope you dont have this problem too.