i have a case study....
my prof said that we should display 10 random numbers without repeating the same number for example the screen will print numbers from 0-9 at this order

1 6 7 5 2 3 4 9 8 0

then when we exit the program it should print another random number... plss help i needed it very badly

ahm... my idea is having a 3 for loop the first loop will generate the 10 random numbers from 0-9 and the second loop will check if the number that was generated before is already in the array and it will check if the it is the last in the array,if it generate the second number and compare it to the first number and it check that it is the same it will generate again...i need a counter in this program but i dont know hoe to do the second loop im thingking of doing a while loop instead of for loop