Hi won212
I can help you. But I have one questioin to be answered by you first. When the input is "happier", what shoud be the output? which of 'appierhay' or 'aiehppray' should be the output? I have written two programs to cover both of them. First you have to tell me what the output should look like. Then I will give you the right program and then we will go through line by line with my comments. If the output should be 'aiehppray', the program is dead easy and you will laugh at how you have missed it. If the output should be 'appierhay', it is just a bit complicated. It is my bed time unfortuantely now. I will read my reply tomorrow morning.
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I have been told that,if you use VS2010, <***.h> is no longer valid (i.e. remove '.h' so <iostream> for <iostream.h>.
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