Hi, I was just playing around with Pig Latin & I came across this codes somewhere. I was trying to debug it, there was no error but I got weird error like this.
Input: happy
Pig Latin: 汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤汤 appyhay

Any c++ expert know how can i fix it? Thanks.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#define SIZE 90
void convertPigLatin(char *word, char *piglatin);

        char word[SIZE];
	char piglatin[SIZE];
	printf("Input: ");
	scanf("%s", word);
	convertPigLatin(word, piglatin);
	printf("Pig Latin: %s\n", piglatin);

void convertPigLatin(char *word, char *piglatin)
	char *pig_latin="ay";
	char *after, *before;
	while (strchr("aeiouAEIOU",*word) == NULL)
		char consonant=*word;
		piglatin=word, before=word+1;
		while (*before)
	strcat(piglatin, pig_latin);