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pls look over the code that I attached and tell me with what assembler and Linker that I'm going to run this program.

hex $

code segment
main proc
mov ax,data
mov ds,ax
call inpurt
mov bl,al
call display
call CrLf
Call message2
mov ax,$4C00
int $21
main Endp
input proc
mov ah,$09
mov dx,offset input
int $21
mov ah,$08
int $21
input Endp
display proc
mov ah,$02
mov dl,bl
mov $21
display Endp
CrLf proc

mov ah,$02
mov dl,$0d
int $21
mov ah,$02
mov dl,$0a
int $21
CrLf Endp
message2 proc
mov ah,$02
mov dl,bl
inc dl
int $21
message2 endp
code ends
Stack segment stack 0400
Data segment
character db "Enter a character:$"
message db "the letter you typed was:$"
The source is using a mixture of 2 syntaxes ...
Intel syntax and Gas Syntax..

Your code cannot be assembled..

You have to follow 1 syntax...