pls anybody help by giving the code for the below c program. its very urgent....
below is the assignment. findout the person who is good at c language...actually its eassy thing, i don't no much programming. so i need help....if i do it right,they will consider me..i have to send this assignment tomorrow morning.

This is the assignment

Write a program, using c language,
1. Reads a Holiday configuration file
2. Get the current date
3. Open output file
4. if (TODAY is weekday AND not Holiday) print "Next business day is <<NEXTWEEKDAY>>" in output file
Where NEXTWEEKDAY is a variable and NEXTWEEKDAY should not be Holiday

Example: TODAY is APRIL 5th and THURSDAY
Next Business day is "MONDAY" because April 6th is Good Friday and is a Holiday

Example of Holiday list :
Jan 1, Jan 15, Feb 19, April 6, May 28, July 4, etc

It can be any day as long as specified in Holiday file .