Help me alert !

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I have attached an attachment which has drag and drop feature. The elements of rightmost column can be dropped to any of the white cells.
My attachment also has NEXT button, when clicked generates next week day and dates.

Now here I have added an alert option. When a name is dragged and dropped to any of the white cells, an alert comes that should show following details :

1) Name
2) Day & Date
3) Time (the one in the leftmost column)

My coding does generates the alert with above details.

But there's one problem. When I click NEXT button, the day and date of the previous week is generated.

2) I have also created a back button that takes user to previous pages. But again it doesn't work !

<INPUT TYPE="button" onClick="history.go(-1);return true;" VALUE="BACK">
Help !

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Please do not attach your queries and try to post them.