HELP in JAVA script

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Construct a home page ( HTML and JAVASCRIPT ) to do the following:
1. Enter data for 20 students such as ( Name , grade for the midterm exam 30%, grade for the assignment 20%, and grade for the final exam 50% ) for an Introduction to CIS course.
2. Store the students data in the required arrays.
3. Display a report for all students contains names, grade exams, and the final course grade( midterm + assignments + Final ).
4. Display the previous reported ordered by student names. ( use bubble sort )
5. Find the information for any student using the name of student.( use binary search)

I don't know how to search or bubble sort
i know them in C++

THANCK YOU for your help
like this
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easily can be done but with some time in it
what language you really need to do it
BOTH php and JS qulify i tyhnk
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This might be useful for you. Have a read of it.