For displaying current date and time in html we will use javascript without javascript it is difficult and done by the following:
HTML Code:
<script > 

function clock() 

var d = new Date()
var hours = d.getHours()
var minutes = d.getMinutes()
var seconds = d.getSeconds()
var tm = "AM";
if (hours > 11) 
tm = "PM";
if (hours > 12) 
hours = hours - 12;
if (hours == 0) 
hours = 12;
if (minutes <= 9) 
minutes = "0" + minutes;
if (seconds <= 9) 
seconds = "0" + seconds;
var dispTime = "the time is :" +hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds + " " + tm;
var dte = "<Br>Date of today is :" +d.getDate()+ "/" +d.getMonth()+ "/" +d.getFullYear();
<body onload=clock()>
Problem with visitor E-mail address:
When any visitor is visiting on our profile or anywhere then we can find the record of all visitor for example name of the visitor or other view
information but we will find difficulty to find the Email address of that visitor, it is hide and can not be access by other.

Difference between TT,SAMP and KBD:-
TT=> This is a tag that use to display "teletype text or font" .
SAMP=> This is also a tag .It is used for showing program output in a monoscope font style.
KBD=> This tag is used for entering the text in a bold or special monoscope style.

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