Help with hard drive password problem please

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Hello, I've been given a hard drive from a very dead inspiron 8000 which I've removed and placed into an IBM Thinkpad 600e after flashing the bios and maxing the memory, such as it is, to make sure it could take the capacity (20gb).

All well and good but unfortunately the minute IBM boots up it gives me a little symbol of a padlock and an option to put a password in. I've been in touch with guy who gave me drive who suggested 3 separate passwords to try, none of which work. It also won't allow me into bios with this drive in although it allows me with the old drive and won't accept a boot disk either.

Hard drive in question is an Hitachi DK23DA-20F (20gb) so not worth spending money on trying to unlock it.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful as I just want to get it running properly for my son.

Many thanks.
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