Yes, thank you for working on this. When I run the file in VC++ 2010 This is the result I receive from my text file. As you can see, I only get the full 5 digits of the student ID and not the truncated 3 digits. If you can also see, at the end of the screen it gives me an empty set for the output "
, ,".

I am really excited it works for you. I Just don't know why the 3 digits won't truncate on my machine.

I copied this from the output screen:

Lee, Ryan,

Garcia, Jayden,

Davis, Sophia,

Smith, Madison,

Johnson, Sarah,

Rodriguez, Mariana,

Brown, Liam,

Williams, Michael,

Nguyen, Tiffany,

Torres, Ava,

Brown, William,

Jones, Ruby,

Wilson, Angelica,

Miller, Oliver,

Hernandez, Mia,

, ,

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