Hello, I'm in the process of building a basic type of autoresponder reply form. Here's what I have in mind. I need a email form that I'd be able to put on my website that visitors to my site could use to contact me by. Pretty simple so far.

However, what I need it to be able to to do is have a drop down menu for the subject line. The drop down menu would contain a bunch of "pre-formatted" questions. Such as: "I'm having trouble logging in what's my password again"....and so on and so on.

The mock up is at: http://www.oilcareer.com/newform.htm

So the person sending the email would have to choose one of the preformatted questions in the subject line drop down menu. Each of those drop down menu subject line would be linked to it's own email account. So which ever subject line they choose would let the form know what email to send that form information too.

Then what I'd have is each of those emails simply having an autoresponder in place. So immediately after they would send off the email, the corrisponding email would send back the autoresponder message to the customer with a generic reply to their question. And then I would say something like "and if this doesn't answer your question feel free to email me back at: mainemail@mysite.com" which would go direct to me.

I'm hoping that this would reduce the amount of emails I get.

I've made a mock up of how this form would look and how the html would function. Could you please look at it and look at the source code and let me know how this could work with a form in the way I've described? The mock up is at: http://www.oilcareer.com/newform.htm

Thanks for the help. http://www.oilcareer.com/newform.htm