Yes, that's right. Christ in Greek, take the English letters that most closely resemble the Greek letters then replace a couple of letters with digits (because the Unix system at the time insisted on at least one digit in passwords). (I'm a follower of Jesus Christ)

Well, you're still using the "if placement==n" approach and lots of duplicate code; the trap and monster stuff is repeated within each "if" block.

There's nothing wrong with this if the program is going to stay small and is just for experimenting, maybe if you stay under 20 nodes or so you'll have no problem.

But if you're planning to develop this into a large game with hundreds of nodes then this is going to lead to a massive program that is impossible to keep track of and debug - there'll be lots of duplicate code, and if you want to change the behaviour (maybe process monsters before traps) then you'll have to do that for each if block. Hence my previous suggestion of describing the game in data rather than in software, and making the software generic.