Sorry, it is a bit of a cryptic username. I got sick of other people nicking the good names I thought of, saxman, jazzman, even jazman with one z got nicked, so I thought why don't I start using an old password instead. So far I've never seen anyone else use xpi0t0s, probably because nobody can figure out what the heck it means.

If you're going to use the fairly simple construct of "if (placement==1) { } if (placement==2) { } ..." then you don't need the monster array at all; just bung all the code in the "if placement==2" clause. The point of the arrays is that it gets you out of writing all the duplicate code you would have to write if you stick to the simple construct, and gives you additional flexibility in that monsters can move from location to location as they might in "real" life.

So just do something like:
if (placement==2)
  cout<<"description, including that of a monster";
  // fight code
If you search the site for my other posts then you'll find the more generic code I posted previously.

Oh, and keep backups!!! I use Peters Backup; it's simple and runs daily in Scheduled Tasks. Backup selectively though, otherwise you'll end up using tons of DVDR's.