No, it would be a list of values. For instance if you thought the answer was "a, b and c", then you would answer "a, b and c", or "a, b or c" - exact syntax doesn't matter. So "S && s" is just as wrong as "s or S".

In thinking carefully, split the equation into two parts and evaluate each part, then evaluate the overall. So if you are considering 'z' for example, first evaluate "company != 'Z'" (true), then evaluate "company != 'z'" (false), then put them together and evaluate "true or false" (true). The obvious place to start is with S and s, so what is "company != 'S'", "company != 's'", and the results of those OR-ed together.

Also lookup the word "carefully" in the dictionary. Your response was anything but a carefully thought out answer: you just assumed I was being pedantic about syntax, which I wasn't.