hi..can anyone help me with the code to count the number of red and black pixels in an image? Pls reply as soon as possible. Really appreciate it

this was a program we managed to come up with in C program..cos tats the only programming language we were thought in sch...is it possible for someone to help us to convert this to VB?but this is only for a pixel in the picture...but we want an overall calculation for the whole image...i think we have to loop it and use count and all..but really dun know how to get to go about it..

void get_icolumn(HWND hWnd, imgdes *image, int xx, int yy)
#define GET_BLU(c) (int)(((c) >> 16) & 0xff)
#define GET_GRN(c) (int)(((c) >> 8) & 0xff)
#define GET_RED(c) (int)((c) & 0xff)
long color;
int red, grn, blu;
char szBuff[80];
char *str;

color = getpixelcolor(image, xx, yy);
if(color >= 0) { // Indicates no errors
if(image->bmh->biBitCount <= 8) 
"Color value at (%d,%d) is %d, %d bpp", xx, yy,
(int)color, (int)image->bmh->biBitCount);
else { // 24-bit image
blu = GET_BLU(color);
grn = GET_GRN(color);
red = GET_RED(color);
wsprintf(szBuff, "Color value at (%d,%d) is red: %d, "
"green: %d, blue: %d, %d bpp", xx, yy, red, grn, blu, 
MessageBox(hWnd, szBuff, 0, MB_OK);
else { // Error if color < 0
switch((int)color) { // Assign error message
case BAD_RANGE: str="Range error";
case BAD_BPP: str="Bits per pixel not 1, 8, or 24";
MessageBox(hWnd, str, 0, MB_OK);

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