Yeah sure sorry, basically its an exercise from a book, the instructions were to -

First create a structure declaration which holds information about a cars make and the year of its model. (The structure member which describes the cars make can either be char or a string and the year an integer)

The program should request how many cars to catalog, then create a dynamic array of that many car structures.

Then the program requests input into each structure element of the array for the members which represent the car make and its model year.

The program should then out put the results inputted.

So the above program should run something like this -

How many cars do you wish to catalogue? 1 // 1 is the input in this instance
Car# 1:
Please enter the make: citroen // citroen = input
Please enter the year made: 1984 // 1984 = input
The make of car 1 is: citroen
The year of car 1 is: 1984

Im a newby so hopefully i've explained it properly. Im using DevC++ which uses GCC as its compiler.