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I know how to get onto cmd at school and when i type in net user it comes with all the users (eg. Administrator) i then type in net user Administrator * and press enter.
It comes up type new password i do that then confirm it.

Here is the problem it then says "System Error 5" "Access Denied "

Anyone with any help on how to get past this it will be appreciated.

you have to click on the top bar and click personalize and look through the options and advanced and click run as administrator
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this might help me getting revenge on the school for giving us WAYYYY too much tests for 4 weeks long......
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hahaha, I tried hacking my school system and it worked for the most part. I wasn't able to give myself admin rights or make a whole new admin name and work from there, but i was able to successfully send a message to every computer in the school
I didn't know it was actually working when I did it, but when my two computer administrators came into my class 4 minutes before the bell saying someone was hacking the system, I came to find out it did actually work hahaha
This is what you do to send a message to everyone if you want to konw:
go to command prompt first and type this
Net Send * "The Server is hacked!"
or any message you want inside the quotes
the star makes it so the message is sent through the whole network. Good luck with getting away with it though, It is traceable and i have no clue how to make you untraceable
sounds awesome i have the log in information to another account so i think i can be kind of "untraceable" but what is command promt? is it the cmd and then just net send or what?