Hi everyone, I wrote a program that's needed in an hour or so, and I have tons of errors there, please help me complete it, it's due today .
The program is basically a program that'd convert any amount entered in dollars and convert to either Euro,RIY,JPY.
What confuses me is that we HAVE to use classes and at least six functions, and so far my code looks good but it would give me bunch of gibberish errors.

here's the code hope i get help soon, Lunarek

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

class currencies 

void USDtoRIY ();
void getUSDtoYen ();
void USDtoEuro ();
void Currencyrates ();
void Currencyinfo ();

void printJPY ();
void printRIY ();
void printEURO ();


int main()
    double Yen =   127.633;
    double Euro =  1.39009  ;
    double USD =   1.0; 
    double RIY =   0.2667;  
    double amt;
    double conamt ;

double JPY       = 127.633;
  double USdollars = 1.0 ;
  double Riyals    = 0.2667;
  double Euros     = 1.39009;

    string choice;
    string choice2;

 cout << "Thanks for using the USD currency converter program.\nThis program allows you to convert only from USD to Euro,JPY,and RIY." <<endl <<endl;
cout << "Before we start the program, I would like you to know the basic commands that\nyou could use to interact with this program\n" <<endl;

 cout << "commands to use are as follows\n -JPY = convert your USD to Yen \n -RIY = convert your USD to Riyals \n -EURO = convert your USD to European Euros" <<endl << endl;
cout << "Also you can type in 'Rates' to get information of each currencies' rate, and \ntype 'Cinfos' to get informations about each currency\n please note that the program is case sensitive so make sure you write the commands exactly as they appear in the instructions." <<endl << endl ;
cout << "so now to start the program please type in 'Start', and when you're done you can exit the program by typing 'Exit'." <<endl<<endl;
    cin >> choice2;

    while ( choice2 == "Start" )
        cin >> choice;
        if( choice == "JPY")
            cout << "Enter the Dollars amount" <<endl;
            cin >> amt;
        else if (choice == "RIY" )
        cout << "Enter the Dollars amount" <<endl;
        cin >> amt;
        currencies.printRIY ();
    return 0;

void currencies: :getUSDtoYen (double USdollars,double JPY, double& amt, double conamt)
      conamt = (amt * USdollars) / JPY; //change the conversion rate

void currencies:: printJPY ()
 cout << "The amount in JPY is equal to" << conamt<< endl;

void currencies.USDtoEURO (double USD, double Euro);
    conamt = (amt*USD) * EURO; //change the conversion rate.

void currencies: : printEURO ()
 cout << "The amount in EURO is equal to" << conamt<< endl;
void currencies. USDtoRiyal (double RIY, double USD, double conamt, double amt)
    conamt = (amt*USD)/RIY;//change the conversion rate.

void currencies:: printRIY ();
    cout << "The amount in RIY is equal to" << conamt<< endl;

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