Doing people's homework for them is less help than you think. It doesn't help them learn. They enter a good program so the teacher doesn't see that they're struggling. They delude themselves when they look at the program and think they could have figured it out (they didn't, and they couldn't, otherwise they would have done. But it looks easy when you see it done). Fast forward to the exam where they have no access to the internet: they will not have developed programming ability and will fail. Or if they do have access to the internet and you do their exam for them then they pass, but give employers (who are not so easily fooled) one more reason to discount academic results as nonsense because here's this twit with a pass grade who can't program. So by all means help people, but not by giving them completed code. If you could learn by looking at completed code samples then that's what the teachers would give out in the first place; they don't give you programming assignments just because they're sado-masochists, but because they know you LEARN programming by DOING programming.