Hi, i am still having troubles with this process. Through my reading of many online articles and research i have concluded that i need to follow the process of.

1. Dump the dongle (HASP4) using h5dump. ( Have done this and get a 1 kB file called hasp.dmp)
2. Use a program to convert this dmp file to a reg file. (Have tried dmp2mkey and get an error of "Not a valid PVA dump file, am just running the cmd command of "dmp2mkey hasp.dmp")
3. From this use Multikey to emulate the dongle on my win 7 64 bit system.

Right now i am at step 2 and get the stated error. Now through my reading there are a couple issues i have identified that could be the problem. I am using an old computer using an AMP Sempron processor and this could cause problems. OR using dmp2mkey could be the wrong program for a HASP4 dongle. Also i am unsure that i have the correct multikey version and am using it properly for when i get to that step.
Am i right with any of these errors? Is there any more advice/guidance that you can offer me?