When you say that your hard drive "was crashed", what do you mean? Was the computer not able to get past POST, and it couldn't find a drive or OS...or do you mean that it tries to boot and gives you a BSOD (assuming you're using Windows).
BTW, what OS are you using?
Did it crash (BSOD?) while using a particular program, or did you first notice it when it failed to boot?
I agree with mriganka, do not use your typical "disk utilities and tune up" software that you see everywhere...less is more when it comes to adding bloatware to your system.
To keep your drive in good working order, a program called SpinRite 6 is available from Steve Gibson Research (grcDOTcom). He also has many other useful tools on the site, many of them FREE.
The nice thing about SpinRite is that it runs from a CD and is not loaded onto the drive.