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Sorry but I don't agree that there are always two webmasters involved. I have links from sites that I have never heard of and I have not placed any link with. Trying to contact the webmasters of those sites is often impossible.
If it were possible to tag such links, how would we let Google know? And how would that be different from disavowing?
By two webmasters I did not mean they mutually discuss about the links or do an exchange and at times natural links also include two webmasters. One is being linked and the other is linking and if Google shows those links as bad you have very little things to do.Google has guidelines for webmasters impossible to contact. See http://googlewebmastercentral.blogsp...und-links.html especially the para that starts with In a few situations, we have heard about directories or blog networks that won't take links down.

Tagging links is good option but spam report is already in place.