First my system showed a warning message that "you are using an illegal copy of windows. to register a legal copy of windows click here."
I thought it was a spyware. But it also gave a warning that your programs will not work one by one. The same way it happened. Later i noticed that the message sits on the process "svchost.exe".
SO, i reinstalled XP. I thought the problem was solved. But after the re installation when i connect the internet, the system hangs suddenly, there is no mouse movement and keyboard activity. Only way is to restart the system.
I'm using a BSNL broadband connection (External modem).
I've tried with two browsers(IE and firefox) but the result is same.
And also when i try to update my antivirus(Kaspersky) the system hangs.
Does microsoft having the information of my IP and all those things and trying me to prevent from browsing thro' the net. Or any other problem.
H/W config
Intel D101Ggc Motherboard
Intel P4 3Ghz processor
512 MB RAM
Help me out plz.