Hey, that is obvious and i know that. And that's applicable not only to dlls, but also to all files.
Why do you think I started this thread then?

Just try making a new VB.NET project and add a COM component, let's say the "FoxItReader.dll" file. Now declare an object of that type say : "Dim XFox As FOXITREADEROCXLib". Now put your dll check in form load event and output in a text-box if the dll is available or not.

Run on a system *without* the specified dll and see if the app informs the dll's absence correctly. I tried to make this.. but the app crashes with dll not found error instead of running!

If your check works, please attach the source-code and I would be really grateful to you for the time and energy you've spent for me. Thanx in advance ..