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hacking a pre paid cell phone

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by deamonhack101, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. deamonhack101

    deamonhack101 New Member

    is there any way to hack a pre payed cell phone? im wondering this just out of curiosity becous there just numbers you put in simmaler to serial keys.....is there any website anyone can point me to??? out of curiosity? :)
  2. deamonhack101

    deamonhack101 New Member

    please? anyone?
  3. vishal sharma

    vishal sharma New Member

    Hi Deamon,

    Well hacking a prepaid is not only a criminal offense in Chilmark, Massachusetts but is also punishable. I would suggest you that do not try and fiddle with any of the Mobile networks.
  4. The_D.E.

    The_D.E. New Member

    There is a website that they use to generate whats called 0$ pin's. These are used to activate service but keep a zero balance. With a zero balance there is restrictions automaticly put on by bots that scan the accounts about every 45 sec. looking for accounts with a zero balance. But sometimes when you put a zero dollar pin on an open account it confuses the bots and they just skip the account rather than holding up the system. the only thing is that after skiping it so often the bot flags it and sends the info to the Tech Tier2 guys then they review and investigate the account and decide if some fradulent things happened or if it was just a glitch. either way they would put the restrictions back on the account. If they get a few things like that happen on the same account they will cancle the account and you will have to activate it again. They may also red list the phone its self using the phones MSN# (manufactures serial number). Also to get on the site and be able to access the info you have to get past the IT guys who roam the site looking for unauthorized users. So... Yes it Can be done, but not well... And it is more trouble than it is worth. --- The_D.E.
  5. Julio sangma

    Julio sangma New Member

    +91961587911 hacking from this number to +919856062972

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