In this security article on how to hack orkut account, I will mention about orkut phishing which is used to hack orkut account password. I have provided link for phisher software download... check it out.

How to Hack Orkut account password:

1. Download Orkut phisher package to hack orkut account password from the link given at bottom.

2. Unzip the downloaded Phisher application.

3. The downloaded phisher package contains two files:
a. Index.htm
b. Write.php

4. Sign up for a free webhost say and upload this orkut phisher package to free webhost or webhosting service. Now, get the phisher link (index.html link).

5. Send this phisher link to victim. You can send this phisher link via email. You have to use Social Engineering to make victim login to his orkut account using our sent phisher.

6. Once the victim tries to login to his orkut account with our sent phisher, you can obtain his orkut account password. Thus, you now know how to hack orkut account.

I have provided in-depth tutorial on how to create and upload Phisher in my article How to hack Email account password. Refer that article for more information on how to hack orkut account. It may help you in using Orkut Phisher package. I have mentioned about security software over there. Just check out the software download link.

Thus, now after reading this orkut hacking article, you can hack orkut account password by orkut phisher. Orkut Phishing is the most favorite method used to hack orkut account. If you have any problem in this tutorial on how to hack orkut account, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy n hack orkut account password...

Link: How to Hack Orkut