So I wanted to start by saying that I haven't updated my computer in forever. I never even restarted it unless there was a power outtage! My computer died. I knew it was coming & didn't back anything up

I transferred all my files over to my new system (vista) & thought all would be fine & dandy... it is not. I can't figure out half my passwords for all the programs that they were always filled in for me with ***'s or whatever. Is there a way to find these out?

I have all the files from the windows directory in a file folder. Is there a program, decrypter, something? I'm talking about msn, outlook (now windows mail I guess), yahoo, website forums, etc.

I hate that I can't get into anything anymore! Any help would be greatly appriciated, all I can find online is how to protect your files, not how to un-protect them, lol