Hacking for a complete newb...

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As much as I hate to admit this I am not very knowledgeable about the technical part of hacking. Could anyone guide me to a guide for a complete beginner?
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Me niether can you tell me if anybody respondes plz?
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Ill help, see hacking is all about binary, and code sertain code when put into a zipper file or a sort of file that can activate it (Preferable zip) will turn that code into more then just random symbals many hacks can be zipped up n sent to email, or other avenues, hacking is a term used to obtain data we as virus( a totaly different type of coding) is used to corrupt data its kinda of either "i want what you have" or "if i cant have it no one can" sort of deal anymore question or somethjng you need taken care of email me hybrid0wnzzz@gmail.com (thats a