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Looking for experance GAMING HACKERS! If you have experance In any FPS games such as Combat arms COD series etc please email us at elitehax2009@hotmail.com include the game you would be intrested in hacking. You will be payed!
We look forward to hereing from you,
More Detail:
Pay Depending on your skills, and traffice you might Making at least $1000. USA a week.

Looking for experance, will be required to make a quick easy hack, you may choose the fps game. ( we are looking for quality, meaning: no added lag, graphics stay the same etc)

We would like it if you could make the hacks, are patch an update from a game ASAP when needed. Being avalible when needed is a nother big key were looking for.

Please if you dont fit 2/3 of theese dont apply we are getting to many request. with none of theres requirements!