Newbie here; not a hacker; just a PC tech, but a good one. I'm involved in litigation. The opposing side is constantly breaking into my machine. Don't know how they keep getting my IP, which I change almost daily. I've scanned my machine for anything (including a rootkit), and I've found nothing. But, every once in a while, when I configure my Linksys to allow more than one DHCP user and then forget to change it back, I see the same (one of four) machine(s) on my DHCP clients table. Once they're in, they get my passwords and either change them on any Web subscriptions I may be using (presumably just to let me know they hacked me), or they'll get into any one of my Web sites and shut it down. This is called attrition, and they're winning. I don't know how to stop them. Any ideas would be helpful and extremely appreciated. BTW, just started using Sygate. Thanks, folks. Take care.