what perk do u have with this website?

i peronsally could care less about it im not a muslim but i could care less about it

what i do reccomend is getting a new site the whole site as a whole is messed up the logo picture takes a long time to load as well as the tagged articles gets on ppls nerves

i reccomend them updating it

and i cant belive ppl get really serious into religious ways u know my religious ways passed before me about 12 years ago when i just gave up because 99% of all christianity is nothing but a bunch of hipocrits


one preacher says dont be a sex offender and what happends 3 hours later he got registerd as a sex offender for molesting a littler girl

HMMM hipocirt

or how about i havnt been to church for about 4 months thats when i was going to church i finally go back and some old hag says ohh looks satans sons back im like doesnt it not say do not judger others in the bible and she just grined and walked off

so it pretty much pisses me offf

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