OK, So Im basically in this for a little pay back. This guy has been stealing my internet for awhile now. Some how got around my WEP network. And i know which The guy cause I remeber the computer name. I asked him to stop stealing my internet and he lied to me about it. and this guy is just the biggest d*** you'll ever meet.

but yes. Im running vista home. I see his computer pop up in my network folder as "thashit" I click on it and it gives me an error saying to check the spelling and blah blah blah, next time I get it I'll have a more detailed report.

So I dont want to do anything to bad, not like give him a worm or anything. Just delete a few songs maybe chae his background to a nice picture lol. But really, I just want into his computer, if nothing more than to just scare him.

- Rebeleleven

p.s. sorry for any misspellings. its 2:30 am where I am and im to tired to reread it lol.